From Ken:

“I grew up in eastern Pennsylvania and moved to Colorado 1975. I became interested in photography as a teenager and dabbled with it over the years. I have always loved the outdoors so my photography has always leaned towards wildlife and nature. In 2007 I decided to get serious. I took several classes and started to go on photography trips and learn all I could. Joining the Mile High Wildlife Photography Club has allowed me to greatly expand my skills and associate with some truly gifted photographers.

Photography has taken me to places around the world that I never would have dreamed of going before. Since starting on this photographic adventure I have been to Alaska many times, Kenya and Tanzania Africa, Alberta and Ontario Canada, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, Patagonia Chile and most states in the USA.

I hope that you enjoy my pictures half as much as I have enjoyed taking them . . .”


Visit the ARGO Mill to see Ken’s remarkable photographic work and click below to visit his online site: