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Mighty Argo: At the Center of Colorado Gold Rush History

The Famous Argo Mill and Tunnel

Soon after 1859, when Colorado’s first gold was struck in Idaho Springs, CO, the Argo and surrounding area became an international center of milling and tunneling innovation and served for many gold mines in Colorado. Partnerships between local entrepreneurs, highly skilled professionals, and international business leaders enabled projects of previously unforeseen scale, ambition, and productivity to be realized. The Mighty Argo has rekindled this spirit and will resume its role as a hub of activity and an engine of economic productivity for the region and beyond.


The Argo Mill and Tunnel is a wonder of ingenuity, technology, and entrepreneurial spirit. Begun in 1893, the 4.2-mile-long Argo Tunnel cuts an ingenious path through the hills, draining and servicing hundreds of miles of workings, thereby prolonging the productivity of the famous gold mines in Colorado for decades. Many of the gold mines in Colorado would have become inoperable if not for the Mighty Argo. A vast amount of the Mill’s original equipment is still in place, transporting visitors instantly back in time to an era steeped in the Victorian Industrial Revolution of the American West. The Argo is also part of a 400 square mile EPA Superfund Site. The property has been remediated and hosts over 40,000 visitors annually.


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