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Gold Rush Tour Guide Feature: Allii Curran

The Argo Mill and Tunnel is the best Clear Creek destination. Voted Idaho Springs’ best attraction, this shows proof of the riveting history and wonder that comes with a tour of The Argo. Our incredible guides connect the past to the present in fun and exciting ways. Every guide brings with them a personal perspective, making each visit unique.

“I remember coming to The Argo when I was eight and I did the gold panning experience and I still have my little vial of gold. I’ve always loved The Argo,” Allii Curran expressed joyfully.

Allii has been a fan favorite tour guide with The Argo Mill and Tunnel for over two years now. Since her youth, Allii knew she was meant to be at The Argo.

“I came up here (Clear Creek) when I was twelve and we went exploring in the cemeteries,” Allii said. “Well, in the back of the Central City cemetery there’s an ore chute and I just remember being so fascinated by this ore chute that I just dug into the history of ore chutes and that led me into the history of Central City and then Nevadaville and then Russell Gulch.”

Gold Rush Remnants Aren’t Just Remnants

As a Colorado native, Allii recognizes that many living in Colorado don’t realize how impactful the Gold Rush and The Argo were to the state’s history.

“People who live here have no idea what their towns actually were. I always say remnants aren’t just remnants. The scale of The Argo is insane. This was one of the biggest operations seen in Colorado at the time,” Allii declared. “Central City lost the vote to be the capital of Colorado by one vote to Denver.”

Enjoying The Argo and the Gold Rush the Right Way

The Argo is a treat for everyone involved, no matter the time of year. The best time of the year for tours is late September-early October though, according to Allii. Due to the hardship many miners faced, ghost stories are abundant in The Argo and Allii loves telling their tales.

“It’s not too hot, it’s not too cold and we get to play with it a little bit more. People are ready for a walk through an abandoned building at that time,” Allii said.

The Argo is a great way to spend a morning or afternoon surrounded by Colorado history. However, the fun doesn’t have to stop there! Allii recommends pairing a tour of The Argo with the Silverdale hike a few miles west in Georgetown.

“Up Guanella pass a little bit, it has a full trailhead that leads you to a mill that was completely buried under a mudslide. It’s really cool to see our mill that’s still up opposed to what a mill looks like when it’s just left to nature,” per Allii.

Be sure to visit The Argo to take a tour of Colorado Gold Rush history with the amazing Allii Curran, or any number of our other wonderful guides!