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Idaho Springs’ Adventure is Here for the Whole Family!

Summer sure is in full swing, so it’s time to explore Colorado history by visiting the Argo Mill and Tunnel.

The crazy machinery and people behind the Colorado Gold Rush will have your family wanting to learn more! Kids have a blast panning for gold and enjoy the experience of going deep underground while parents can dive into the history that built Colorado from the ground up.

Taking a tour through the Argo Mill and Tunnel will keep you entertained and engaged. From your first step into the history room, through the Mill and into the Tunnel, each section of the tour offers something special for everyone. From geology, history and storytelling the Argo has it all.

Bringing Idaho Springs’ History to life

The Argo Mill and Tunnel has the best guides in Idaho Springs, they are knowledgeable and hilarious! Reading a placard for information is just not the same as learning from a person who is passionate, which is super important to retaining information.

As the guides walk visitors through the sites’ history, they truly bring everything to life. It is an incredible experience for kids of all ages, especially those looking to get students out of the classroom. The Argo is a key part of the history of Idaho Springs and the Colorado Gold Rush.

While on tour, be sure to gawk at the huge amounts of old-school mining machinery. Children are sure to be astounded by the size and look of these machines, as they are almost otherworldly! These relics are the same or like those used over 120 years ago here in Idaho Springs. During your walk-through of the five-story mill, you are bound to see crushers, drills, and cable hoists.

Visit the Argo Mill and Tunnel with your family before summer is over!