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An Idaho Springs Summer in the Mountains

Summer has not waned yet—the sun is still shining on the historic town of Idaho Springs, Colorado. And a summer in the mountains is all you need to feel refreshed before the colder months tumble in.

There’s nothing like hearing pine trees sway in the wind as your shoes hike across the gravel or the clear mountain water racing against boulders molded by glaciers. The cliff’s edges are miles high. The sun peaks into the valley to shine on you. It is untamed land—inviting only those who are one with it.

Are you ready?

A Historical Entity

Appreciating a town and all it has to offer means understanding its past. The town of Idaho Springs made Colorado what it is today; it contributed to Denver becoming the capital.

The Colorado and Southern Narrow Gauge Railroad had a direct line between the two towns, connecting the mouth of the tunnel to the smelters to the United States Mint. This allowed the gold rush in Colorado to prosper for decades.

In 1943, a flood led The Argo Mill to cease operations. It is now open for tours to get a taste of our rich history. If you want a truly unique experience this summer, join us on a tour around the Mill and Tunnel—you may even find a nugget of gold along the way.

A Summer in the Mountains You Won’t Forget

After basking in the history of our ancestors and land, there will be plenty more activity to look forward to during your summer in the mountains. The town of Idaho Springs hosts many great events throughout the summer for community members and visitors alike.

In just a few short weeks, we’ve had the Corn Hole Tournaments on Miner Street that gift cash prizes and discounts to participants; the Burro Races through town featuring community icon and hero “Santa Bill;” the half marathon uniting Georgetown and Idaho Springs; and the Rapid Grass Bluegrass Festival featuring talented artists, cold beer and picturesque views.

It’s not just the sunny summer days that inspire these events. We also host the annual Pumpkin Smash each fall for a free, family-friendly event! Get creative with your smashing skills, enjoy food and drinks from local vendors and get in on community fun! Follow up with the many events in Idaho Springs here. So, whether you’re thinking of an extended weekend trip or a whole summer in the mountains, we can guarantee your travel bug will be fulfilled. Come appreciate Colorado