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Samuel Newhouse and Ida Stingley: The First Mining Power Couple

Samuel Newhouse was a prominent American entrepreneur who made a name for himself in the mining industry. He was born on October 14th, 1853, in New York City. One of nine children, Newhouse would enter law school in Pennsylvania before abandoning his studies in favor of pursuing his interest in mining. 

Ida Stingley was born a Virginian in 1863, the same year her father passed away. What followed shortly thereafter were years of hardship as Ida’s mother moved the family westward until finally settling in Leadville, Colorado. 

A Union That Will Live in Infamy

On December 16th, 1882, the Leadville Daily Herald reported that Samuel and Ida were seen at a party together. Two weeks later, they were married at Ida’s sister’s home, and they immediately headed west by train that same afternoon. It was a union that would ultimately change American mining forever.

The Newhouses operated a hotel in Leadville before Samuel acquired mining property in Ouray, Colorado, which he eventually sold for millions. Next, he moved to Denver and operated as a speculator and promoter, creating contacts in the eastern United States, England and France.

In 1891, Newhouse bought what is now known as the Argo Mill and Tunnel. However, there were problems securing funding, and the tunnel project didn’t actually start for three more years. During the years between, Samuel and Ida traveled to and from London in order to search for investors interested in the project. It was even rumored that Ida was a huge help in acquiring funding due to her timeless beauty and charm.

The Newhouse Legacy

Samuel and Ida’s success in business allowed them to live a life of luxury, and they were known for their extravagant lifestyle. However, they never lost sight of the importance of giving back to their community, and their philanthropic efforts were widely recognized and appreciated. Samuel Newhouse and Ida Stingley were two remarkable individuals who made a significant impact on the mining industry, and their legacy continues to inspire generations to come.