Argo Gold Mine Tunnel


in the history room where an experienced guide will offer a brief history of the tunnel and the mill.  You will then be transported up to ARGO TUNNEL which is on the same level as the top of the mill. After touring the front portal, (120′ feet in ground),  you will be guided down through the mill and get the chance to observe the equipment, tools and relics used by the miners at the turn of the century.  It’s amazing to note that, while this expansive mill was in full production, it only required 4-5 people to operate it.

AFTER YOUR TOUR, PAN FOR GOLD with FREE panning instructions.

Panning for Gold Each paid admission can try their luck with an ore sample with REAL PLACER GOLD and keep what you find.  ARGO also offers gemstone panning.  Many folks are surprised to learn that gemstones found in Colorado include: Peridot, Topaz, Garnet, Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, Diamonds, Agates and the State Gemstone, “Aquamarine”. Keep everything you recover.

On duty staff will identify all gemstones found.

Pick your Miners Bag of Dirt Price
Guaranteed Placer Gold $16.00
Guaranteed Gemstones $12.00