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The Best History Tours West of Denver

Just west of Denver in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, Idaho Springs is much more than just a stop off interstate 70. Filled with the rich history of the Colorado gold rush, Clear Creek County is the place to spend a day back in time without digging too far – history did that for you! The history of the Rocky Mountain community was largely defined by the mining and railroad industry which you can come experience for a day!

History Tours at The Argo

The Argo Mill & Tunnel, in the historic mining town of Idaho Springs, serves as a testament to both the size of the late-nineteenth to early-twentieth century mining industry and the contemporary industrialization of the industry. At the Argo, not only can you tour the mine, but gain a greater understanding of the process of extracting gold. Our expert tour guides are always happy and eager to dive into the history of The Argo, as you make your way through the mill tour.

You’ll see how the Argo tunnel served as a drainage tunnel for all connected mines. Whereas the mill processed the ore being retrieved by various mining operations and extracted precious metals such as gold.

Tours at The Argo will take you back in time as you walk through the mill and into the tunnel portal, lasting about an hour and a half to two hours. Following the tour, a gold panning session is included as an opportunity to connect with Colorado’s history and strike it rich as a prospector!

Mines and Rails to Check Out

Already headed to the Argo, but just can’t get enough of history tours in Idaho Springs and Clear Creek County? These tours will fill your day with even more rich Colorado history:

The Phoenix Gold Mine is a genuine gold mine just outside of Idaho Springs. This mine was built around the phoenix and resurrection gold veins, offering visitors the opportunity to venture deep beneath the mountain! At the Phoenix Gold Mine, you also have the rare and special opportunity to do some traditional creek gold panning, as gold accumulates naturally in the creek.

Capital Prize, located in Georgetown takes visitors 1000 feet into the mountain on their mine tours. Not only will you see seven gold veins during this tour, but you’ll witness some modern prospecting, since Capital Prize is still an active mine!

The Lebanon & Everett Mine is a great option for those who want to get deep inside a mountain and feel what it was like to be employed in the mining industry in the nineteenth century. Also located near Georgetown, this mine produced silver and encouraged the growth of the town.

The Georgetown Loop Railroad and Mining Park, offers more than just mine tours. Ride a narrow-gauge train ride around the beautiful Colorado Rockies and learn firsthand how locomotion powered the growth of mountain communities and the mining industry. You’ll even see how the mining products were sent down, via these narrow-gauge lines, for smelting.

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